📣 New template from Boglex

Boglex team is happy to announce a new template!

This template is created in Adalo, for guidance and education for people who want to learn no-code.

The configuration is exclusively desktop, but can also be configured for mobile.

With a modern design, this template will give the user a very pleasant visual impact, making the user return to the website.

Buy this template: https://www.boglex.de/product-page/weboo-template

Preview: WEBOO

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Veryy nicee design, it’s amazing

Can. I ask a question, without you revealing any secrets?

How do you configure an Adalo app “exclusively for desktop, but can be configured for mobile”?

I thought the whole purpose of no-code services like Adalo was to create mobile apps? I’ve been trying to figure out how to display the same content and layout on both my app and my website without having to do everything twice. I’m confused.

So, Adalo have 2 basic presets for web: mobile and desktop.

If I want to Make it only for desktop, I use only desktop version.

If I want to make it desktop + mobile, I have to make page dublicates for each one but with other size (mobile size). And I have to use a custom API (Adalify) or a custom component (@Michael from no code monkey can help you with this component).

The API or the Component help you to detect user device and to send the user into a specific page, depending of his device.

Hope it helps! Tell me if you have another questions.


So you don’t create one app for mobile and one app for desktop with this method ? What template do you use ? The one for destktop ?


I will make this template for mobile phone too and I will let you know when is ready to buy it to understand how I did