🔥 NEW TEMPLATE: Sell tickets for events and qr scanner

Now selling tickets for events is getting easier and faster… with this app you can sell and scan the qr of the ticket

App design (you can zoom if you want)

It has a panel of Administrators and Clients.
The user can search for events based on categories and make ticket purchases (with payment slot integration or without payment integration), the application generates a QR code that the user can show at the door, they can also search for events in a calendar which can filter the calendar by each event category

The administrator can publish events, set sales limits according to the available quantities of tickets, scan the qr, give the ticket as registered, see how many tickets were sold per event or see a list with all the tickets sold where you can register manually, have a report of how much you are selling and invoicing.

This template has a modern, clean and elegant design to attract more customers.

In the link you can see a video how the app works

:tada: 50% discount to the first 5


This is amazing!! Even the Adalo leaders are impressed by Santiago’s apps, highly recommend this template if you are creating an event business.

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That is a steal at $65
I’d pay that just to use the design, let alone the functionality!

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This is the link to buy it in case it’s not clear: Nocodeshare.co

It’s available in nocodeshare.co - where you can buy & sell nocode templates and automation!