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Does anyone know if I can combine No code components on the same page? For example I would like to use the Multi-input validator and password confirmation on a single registration page and I would like to know if this can be done. Also, can I add fields to the Mask Input? For example if I want to put a US phone mask on the page, but also display on the page saved name and email, can this be done?

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Hey @Spokane10 ,
This is Michael from NoCode Monkey.

The Multi-Input validator is a button-only component that can check multiple inputs at the same time.
The Password Confirmation component is a form (3 inputs and a button).
So you probably wouldn’t want to combine them.

I can send you a video of how the Multi-Input validator works so you can get a better idea and see if it works for your purpose.

Hi Michael,

That’s what I thought. Is there a technical limitation as to why the password confirmation is not included as part of the Multi-input validation? I’m just thinking a typical registration form has the full name, email, password and password confirmation. I like the idea of validating the name and email, but I also would like to confirm the password all on the same page. Do you have any suggestions?

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Perhaps just a ‘reveal password’ input by itself is a good idea, rather than it being tied to a form that only allows 2 inputs.

What do you think @Michael

@Flawless @Spokane10
Yeah, we could do that. When we first created the sign up form, Adalo didn’t allow custom components to have Magic Text. So we couldn’t do it at the time.

I’ll get this out next week.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Haha, it will be one of maybe 5 components coming out next week (depending on when each one finishes).

Hi Michael,

Awesome, looking forward to it. Do I purchase it from the Adalo or directly from you?

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