Not updating screen results

Yesterday I was working on a chat screen and it was working perfect, so I go to work on other screens… when I try a general preview to test all was good, except… my chat screen came back to an previus version and the new thinks I create are not saved…
I can see the new thinks I put like erase button, picture of chat, and read status button… but when I preview still on old version without that new thinks

Reloading more than 1 time would work but pressing “preview” many times, also by pressing “published app” that shows it too. It’s adalo issue currently so be patient until they fix it!

Well after seeing all screens updates new changes except one screen… I create it again and delete the old one… linked everything again to the new fixed screen and now is working :sleeping:

Good job haha, sorry if my suggestion didn’t help!

Men was crazy see how everything works, how every little change you can see it… except one rebel screen…
so goodbye b*tch jaja I made a new one​:joy::joy:

will good lucks with your app! Be sure to use friendly words haha.

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