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Hello Everyone,

I have sucessfully published my app att google play but i have two problems.
When i donwload the app from google play i get a square shaped logo of the app even though google play says that i have to upload it in a square format and they will round the corners for me but still its square shaped.

the second problem is when i get push notifications from the app it works fine but i dont hear the phone vibrating or make a sound. it just pops up in the screen. I have set up the settings in phone to make sound and vibrate when getting notifications from my app.

So have someone run into simmilar problems and solved it?


Hi @SalamSpor,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I think for the both issues Submitting a support ticket will be good and support will help you with these two issues!

Hope these issues will solve soon for you and Iā€™m sorry for not providing more help here!

Thank you

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thank you for the answer

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