NPM packages, code modification, and push notification questions!

Looking to build our MVP on Adalo. You can learn about our product here. Think of our platform like Intuit Mint, except instead of linking your bank accounts to one app to help you track your transactions and budget, you link your sportsbooks (i.e. DraftKings, Fanduel) so that you can track your bets and help you manage your bankroll.

Here are our questions:

  1. We will be integrating with SharpSport’s API in order to get our users’ individual bet data. (Think of them as being similar to the B2B financial service, Plaid, but in the sports betting world.) Does Adalo support 3rd party libraries like the npm package they are referring to in the picture below?

  2. Second, we are wondering how customizable Adalo is. We have a full-stack developer who can modify code, but we’d like to make sure this is possible.

  3. And finally, push notifications telling the user if they won their bet or what their record is (for example) is very important. Is the platform capable of pushing out notifications based off of data in the data sheets?

Thank you for your time!

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