Offline Error Constantly

I receive this message several times an hour when I am working on my Adalo apps. My internet connection is stable on my end, and every other website loads when I receive the error.

I’ve been getting the error consistently since I started using Adalo in July. It doesn’t affect much, I just have to pause for a moment or two and then it goes away.

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I’ve seen this quite bit, especially on Safari. To the point where building in Adalo in Safari was impossible. I switched to Chrome and it’s much better.

Yeah, I have been using Chrome on my Macbook to use Adalo the whole time. I’ll try switching browsers to see if it helps.

It happens on Edge too (which is Chromium based too quite a bit.

Used to happen quite a bit in the Bubble editor too, and other apps would be fine. Maybe some sort of AWS thing?

This is mostly a precaution taken in case any sign of offline signals are detected and can produce false positives. If it continues to show please let me know, it may be an indication of something else causing a problem.

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