Payment component / looking for a freelance

Im building an app and I need a freelance to create a cutom component for payments. I can not use stripe for this solution. Im thinking about paypal

If any of you knows how to create this custom component please send a DM


Hi @appgo

We can help you develop a custom payment gateway solution per your requirements. Let’s DM me here for a detailed discussion.


Speak to one of the well known Adalo Component makers

@James_App_Maker @Michael @gskachkov @knight @njimmy10

I could not recommend @jigardinjan, they are yet to post to this forum in a way that is contributing to the community.

Hi @Rozza

I am not getting your point. Can you please help me how I can improve the text here?

Excessive self promotion
You do not contribute to the forum overall.
If you have experience in Adalo, then show it and contribute.

Ok @Rozza Got your point. Thank you