Paypal Integration Using Custom Action

Hello! Is there anyone here who successfully integrated Paypal to Adalo using custom action? I created a sandbox account and I was able to call the order URL successfully. The whole process of capturing payment is still vague to me. I was able to see the API call I made at the Paypal Sandbox API call history on my dashboard. But aside from that, there is no other progress.

Thank you!

Hey @gette18 I have never used the Paypal API in a Adalo, though have you seen complabs component built especially for Adalo and Paypal? Adalo Component Marketplace - CompLab

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Thank you @iAppsNi ! I’ll look into it.

I am having the same issue here and i cant find anything to help me connect paypal to my app.
Let me
Know if you find anything

Hello @saralo! The suggestion above by @iAppsNi is a good idea.