Possible to connect to Wix Booking system?

Hiya guys, is it possible to connect to the Wix Booking API? My current customers use the Wix Spaces App for bookings, and I really like the Wix booking system. I would like to integrate this with my new app so my customers have only one app to use.



Looks possible? But not sure how to implement it with Adalo Wix Bookings | REST API Reference | Wix.com

Generally speaking you have few options for integration:

  1. Webview → you make booking page in wix and path it to the Adalo webview component. Cheap and fast. The only problem it might work little bit slower and you might find it difficult to make you app and wix look coherent. The only thing to make sure is that wix allow embedded → if so you can use webview. Personally I would start with this option as it is faster and cheaper.
  2. Through the API → to do this you need to build custom actions to integrate with wix system. It will be more difficult and time consuming but you will have more control of the look and it might work faster.
  3. You can also check if Wix support integromat or zapier. Than it might be little bit easier to integrate both systems.
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Awesome thx good options, will look into them.


Following as I’m currently looking into a very similar setup using Shopify. I’m using an external link to send users to my Shopify store (but using the in-app browser so it feels more native than launching a separate browser). This could be a solution for you if Wix doesn’t allow you to embed.

The challenges I’m currently working through are:

  1. I wanted the user to log into my app and that same email be passed to Shopify for their order. That way the user will notice even less it’s an external link. However, I don’t think this is possible via an external link I plan to do the below:

  2. I want users to be able to view their purchases in my app and not just in the emails sent after purchase. To get around this I am planning to send the completed order from Shopify to my app via API. I want to then provide the user with a “password” that can be input into my Adalo app to associate the orders with that user. They will then be displayed by showing the Orders where the email is the same as the logged in user.

I really like the idea of using Shopify as I can rely 100% on the database to keep track of orders. Maybe one day Adalo will integrate directly with Shopify?

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