Pragma flow local storage

Does anyone have experience using and integrating Pragma flow’s local storage component? If so does it allow the user to download the entire database etc onto their phone so that the entire app can function offline? And if so, does it substantially increase the speed of the app?

Thank you

I’ve worked with pragmaflow’s local storage component. I wouldn’t recommend downloading the entire database on a user’s phone because it’ll take up too much storage and it will probably perform slower.

Ok thabk you, so i should just focus on a couple of the databases that matter for offline use? And there is a way for all that data the user adds when offline to sync with the databases on the online servers so that their data isnt lost if they log in on a new device?

Thank you

Hello James, I’m trying to use the component ans I don’t know how to read the data stored in another screen in the app ? How to read the data (storage key/value) in the app ? Thank you. Benoit.