Prevent PWA from asking to install/Add to home

Is it possible to remove the message that asks to install the app by adding to home screen for PWA apps?

If it’s not possible, does desktop app is alternative to this? can we make web apps that are responsive?

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It’s not currently possible to remove that prompt from a PWA, but yes, using a desktop web app would be an alternative; they don’t have the prompt.

Hey @Ben is there any way to redirect the user from web app to PWA if they open the web app on the mobile. Because one of my offline customer order me to build a web app but due to unresponsive web app they canceled the order. Please make web app responsive otherwise give me some alternative for that.

Is there a way to turn this off yet? Each time I go to my custom domain it nags for a home screen install. I don’t want this to be the first thing users see when they go to my web app, and I especially don’t want it showing each time the user loads the page.

Using Google Chrome for iOS, when you follow the popup’s instructions, the Share function doesn’t even have an add to home screen option (or at least on my device it doesn’t).


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There is no way to do this. You can make a feature request for this here:

Could you please say when it will be possible?

Hey Ben, I have a desktop app, but it still asks for the Add home screen button? How do I take it off haha, thank you!

Im still hoping that there is going to be a workaround to this issue. It is so not intuitive the way it asks usersto install it on their home screen

Any news about this? This pop up is killing my sales.

Any news about this? This pop up is killing my sales!

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Same for me! It is so annoying. Would it be possible to use PragmaFlows component regarding JavaScript codeblocks to stop it?