Problem with dates

For days I have problems with the functioning of the calendar and the dates…
it becomes impossible to make my app. Well, it’s a reservation app and with that problem I definitely can’t continue…

do you have any answer about that?
because in the mail I still receive a response about the resolution of that problem


Hi @Rene115,

I’m sorry you are facing this issue!

Could you explain the problem a bit more? With some screenshots or a video?

Thank you

The problem occurs when I want to select a date, the date selector does not allow me to make a selection because it gives me the error that I show in the screenshot.
I can’t make reservations in my app for one day and less than a range of days… for example, select 2 or 3 days.

always in the selector tells me “invalid date”

The best option would be Submitting a support ticket.

And I have seen some topics created for this issue and Victor said :

Thank you

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