Progress Bar with views count


I don’t if it’s possible. I need someone to create or help me with the following.

I want to have a progress bar for my app, the progress should be linked to a video’s views count.

For instance, I have a goal to reach 1000 views on a video. The bar should show the progress based on the views count. If the video has 500 views the bar should be at 50% etc…


Hi @vimods this can be achieved quite easily in Adalo.

  1. Add a number field to your video collection called “Views” and another called “Target Views” for example.
  2. On the screen that you show the video on, apply an action on the screen itself. Update > Current Video > (Current Video Views) +1.

This means every time the video is opened it will add +1 to the count. Alternatively you can do the same method for the Play Button on both YouTube and video Player. I.e. on Play Press Update > Current Video > (Current Video Views) +1.

For progress bar you can get a couple of th se from component market place, circle and rectangle. Add one to the same screen (or in a custom list prior). Set progress to (current video views) and the maximum set to current video target views.

There will be lots of posts explaining th same on the forums or YouTube.

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