Publish error logs please help

i tried to publish app and its make error logs
some body please help
thank you…

Hi @Orelmor

Two things:

  1. Keep trying
  2. Send all the details to Adalo support.
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i tried to send them printscreen but not sucssed
you know mybe what the error?
its wrong icon or something like that?

You said you tried to send them a screenshot and no luck? Why no luck? Sending them a screenshot is very simple. You simply complete the contact form and there’s an option to attach files.

Also, don’t send only a screenshot. You can send the link to the logs, which Adalo provides.

Provide as much as information as possible, always. Not just what you think might be wrong.

i send it they not answer yet

Hi @Orelmor

Our team has received your support ticket and will provide updates as they become available.


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