Publishing app, AAB and APK work wrong

Hi everyone and especially to adalo’s developpers team . I used to confronted to an issue that I would like to share with everyone.
This concerns the publishing of applications made on Adalo and the exporting in aab and apk files.
When I test the application that I make on Adalo, everything works perfectly… All objects, components, actions and links are in the right place and work as desired.
But once, exported in aab file and imported on Google play console,
I notice that there are actions and broken links between screens and also that the objects as arranged in my starting application, are no longer to their original place once in the apk file…
I would like to know if anyone has already been confronted with this kind of problem and what should be done in the event of it.
Maybe I missed something in app’s publishing method .
Or is there a browser recommended to publish app ? I use Brave browser or Google Chrome most of the time

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