🏛️ Q2 Town Hall coming soon... what questions do you want answered?

As a part of my strategy to improve communication between Adalo and the community, we are doing quarterly Town Halls where we take questions from our community and I bring them to Adalo staff to answer. Check out this post for last quarters Town Hall.

So, what questions/topics would you like us to discuss? Ask them below :point_down: and then vote :heart: on the questions you like the best.

Note: This post is not a place for discussion. Only ask questions and vote on the questions you think are most in need of answering. Do not expect a response on every prompt. I may respond as I see fit, but the primary purpose is to field questions.

I have one question: when is Adalo app speed going to be resolved, and please can you consider a wallet under billing where we can add funds into our account and use the\m to pay for your services whenever the need arises.


Hey Umar. We should be posting about some performance improvements tomorrow so stay tuned.



We would like to know if you are going to introduce a direct call or live chat or a definitely faster support system or not ? Because alot of Adalo users are facing unanswered and unresolved tickets for weeks on end. And Adalo doesn’t acknowledge bugs for a long time while the forums are full of complaints and mind boggled users. And we’re losing confidence fast.

Let us know so we can decide to stay on with Adalo or jumpship now and go towards other options.


To summarize, are you asking what our plans are to improve support?

Something solid with an exact timeline please. Its difficult to put our trust in Adalo again based on a vaguely worded promise of improvement you commit in the next three months !

For Example :
Do you see the forum and the bug currently being faced by all with the icons changing to some other language on its own ?

App Users will be suffering yet not a peep from your guys at support ! My ticket is pending to be resolved since a week, Adalo is silent.

Where should we go and who should we talk to ? This is the real question.

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Will it be added background refresh GPS and Sensor in the future
Will you link the data firebase through in the future?


Update on the roadmap - it hasn’t been updated since versioning came out


Adalo needs to get back to fundamentals. You cannot retain users when some of the most fundamental things are broken and apparently abandoned. The text handling is one such case. There is no way that it is okay that the user interfaces slow to a crawl when a paragraph of 6 or 7 words is moved. It is also not acceptable that editing in a text box is buggy as hell. Further down the road, tags need to be developed that will allow bolding and colour inline. Text is fundamental!

That audio player is a joke. Adalo needs to develop a way to attach sound files directly to events without passing integers through input boxes or some obscure user number, without toggling invisibility and other ridiculous workarounds. Sound is fundamental!

You can have the best backend in the world but until the fundamentals are addressed You. Will. NOT. Retain. Users.

Fix existing problems. Dozens of times I’ve searched the forum for an issue only to discover that the issue was brought up and discussed two or more years ago and yet it still exists. Here’s an example: The UIBackgroundModes key issue with iOS Remove the "audio" setting from the UIBackgroundModes key This is only one example.

Fix what is broken before committing to new development.


Hey @jessehaywood

Thanks for your work,

Well i’d like to ask some question related to app performance, location features, support and some other stuff.

Well app performance is something very crucial today and very needed, especially after the last two post about new pricing model where Adalo started tracking each movement within the app, so here it comes a thing, when the app performance is low, i need to click on each button twice and 3 times to make it work. So what’s the news about performance?

Location Features:
Location was something added recently it has a some bugs, some issues and a lot of improvement, so what is the plan? what are the additions?

Support experience:
In the last 3-4 weeks I had the worst support experience from Adalo, why no one is answering tickets? i had two app which were crashing, 2 projects were down for 2 whole weeks, and why there is no help? Fortunately i was able to be connected on slack with the technical team after waiting 2 weeks, and if i wasn’t able i would’ve still be waiting for an answer.

Well every member and developer of Adalo has the right to know what are you planning? What are the steps for at least the summer or Q3? New pricing is coming, new stuff are about to be made, but as for the developers we don’t have the right environment to work on, or to build a functional app that doesn’t break during the weekend (the android icon during this weekend were off for 3 full days)

Well personally, i really love Adalo’s experience, and i love working on it, i spend all my day on it, but to be honest, it is at some point very frustrating especially when you see strangers and users are really loving the platform, meanwhile the real “owner” are not cooperative for not saying non responsible.

I’d like to end my message by saying, no one blame Adalo for what’s happening if you guys are being clear and have a strategy, but as i said, seeing random stuff happening and disturbing stuff happening, (native app or Editor) will always get us back to blame it on you.



New pricing model based on each APP Action is scary thing. Currently I am paying 50 dollars, but not sure if new scheme of charging will require to pay 500 dollars.

I hope the new pricing model is out quickly and we could judge if we can stay on Adalo with new model or not.


Hi! I am also wondering how much Adalo will cost in future? I am happy to pay 50$ / month for one app and I think if the new price will be more than 100$ it’s too much because right now I don’t have any revenue.

EDIT: But I would understand paying like 50$ / month for each app.


I would say the most critical for Adalo’s success in a nutshell:

  1. Current status on the AWS move from Heroku
  2. Current Roadmap
  3. Plans for Performance Improvement in the short and long run
  4. When Multi-region apps available
  5. When Multi-language available
  6. When Responsive webapps

Performance. Liability. Real WYSIWYG, Tablet Apps. Subscriptions Addon. Access to hardware sensors.


+1 for an updated/improved roadmap

This could definitely have more information. This could be the one thing that helps users understand exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at Adalo. The lack of information makes it appear that nothing is being worked on. I know that this isn’t true but that’s what it looks like.

I would absolutely love to see what y’all are working on.


Hi @jessehaywood ,
Do you have a date for the next Town Hall? I would like to make sure I book it in my calendar.

My only question is: Have the performance issues, that I see on the forum, been addressed.

Many thanks, Mary

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It will likely be recorded. Either I will gather questions and David will answer them like last time. Or, I will reach out to individuals within the company who can answer particular questions within their area of work. It’s better this way. You don’t have to think on the spot and can be more thoughtful in the answers. And our community is global, so picking a time that works is never easy.

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So, many thanks Jesse. Any idea when that recorded town hall will be available?

@jessehaywood - appreciate your efforts here, not an easy job…

I’d love an update on when Deep Linking might make it’s way to the top of the heap and get worked on.

This feature is an absolute game changer for us.
(it’s currently #7 on the list, but with the second highest engagement, behind the good old performance enhancements : )


When will your statement be added today?