🏛️ Town Hall coming soon... What questions do you want answered?

I’m bringing Town Halls back!

I’ll be taking your questions, finding answers, recording it, and posting it.

What questions do you want answered? Ask them below :point_down: and then vote :heart: on the questions you like the best.

This post is not a place for discussion. Only ask questions and vote on the questions you think are most in need of answering.

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Great idea @jessehaywood

  1. Does Adalo plan on creating a way for the PWA apps to be “responsive”?
  2. Is there a chance that we can get permalinks/slugs for URLs in desktop PWAs?
  3. When will all these teaser updates y’all post on Twitter be available?

EDIT - Looks like it was just announced this morning. Great work @jessehaywood! I wish I had seen that launch date post before sharing my stress.


The most recent tweet I shared said 5 days. Launch is Monday.


Edit to Reframe as Question: Could we please get projected timetables for individual infrastructure update and feature roll-out initiatives to assist with the associated internal project plans within our organizations?

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Please remember that this isn’t a discussion post. Please ask questions for the Town Hall that I will be answering, recording and posting in the next couple weeks.

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Lol. No worries!

Could you reframe this into a question?

That’s fair @jessehaywood. My apologies. Updated.

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  1. Can you take us through the short and long term roadmap of features. This will be super helpful for app planning and development (should we wait to use a marketplace component or will it be native for example).

  2. What is the plan around platform and app performance improvement?

  3. Are there are going to be any updates to external database (collections) implementation?


My primary question would be what is the exact plan & priority level of making speed, performance & reliability improvements to the platform? All of the nifty features in the world mean nothing if the editor and apps are glitchy and slow to the point of being (borderline) unusable.

Is there a BIG plan here? With all of the new funding, can we count on improvements to the CORE?

Basically What He Said. X 10000000000


I agree with some of the questions above, but I’ll frame mine a bit differently.

What is the vision for Adalo and who is it for? The homepage says “build your own no code app.” Is it designed for hobbyists or is the vision to make it a platform where businesses can run production-grade apps? If it’s the latter, what features do they feel like they need to add to bridge the gap with what they currently have?


Hello @jessehaywood

Well i’d like to ask about the map component, it only shows Manhattan, when is it gonna be solved

That’s interesting. Have you submitted a support ticket about that?

Yeah i have, two weeks ago… nothing is solved yet…

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@jessehaywood I’d like to know the infrastructure(External services/Security protocols) Adalo use to make Adalo possible. If we’re building web apps and are asked by users or a client the same question, I’ve got no idea what to tell them.


When is the expected launch date for Adalo University? (i.e. better, more, organized Adalo education) Can you advertise / post this everywhere & often when known? And, after it is launched? - email would be great. I am infrequently in the forum. And not on Twitter. Thanks!

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  • Will there be an update on adalos performance plans? Last updates were October 2021.

  • is it planed to offer server in europe?


Is it planned to offer server in South America (Brazil)?