Question about app actions for notifications

Here Adalo indicates that triggering notification counts as an App action.

Can someone know how exactly it counts ?
For example, if I have 1000 users and I want to send notification 500 of them (which in here there are users could be deleted my app or didn’t accepted my app’s notification request, lets say they are 100).
In the end what’s gonna my app actions count ?

Nowadays I’m quite nervous about my increased app actions which increased ridiculously.

This will only be 1 Action.

Unless you are sending them via the Adalo Notifications Api. When, as per documentation it would be 1 notification for each user.

Why then have so much increased app actions? It is ridiculously high

Watched all the actions in MixPanel and here results:

Where can I get a report of these actions?

In Mixpanel you can filter the action type. That will help you figure out where they are coming from.

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