Random picker help using Data base

Hello Friends,

I would like to press a button ( random picker) and have an item from a collection appear in a different location from, such as next to, the picker button.

Right now when using random picker, the item changes within the text of the picker button.

I’m trying to do the same thing - I’d like an image to appear when the random picker is clicked. I thought I had worked it out previously, but it turns out I just used the text box

Same, the text on the button changes, but I want a text box in an adjacent rectangle or group to display the word or image, not the button text: I would like to be able to choose where the picked item goes.

What is missing with this component are cogent instructions explaining
how to use it with lists and
What is affected and
where the results can show up.
Unfortunately the resources on youtube don’t help much.

I want to randomly choose from a list, perhaps a list of countries or monetary systems using a button that says “NEXT COUNTRY”
And then a single country or small group of countries show up anywhere but the button text.

The two videos on youtube presenting this component address action with lists, but they both seem to start in the middle of the process, making huge assumptions and really just making it worse.
I will look to see if the developers of the component have info to teach its usage. I will do what I can for a little while longer because my initial app ideas are simple, and perhaps always keep an adalo account for something, if I can figure out work arounds,

Hi @NoCodeCadet , @skstopher

Take a look at this cloneable app.

Jul-05-2021 05-47-36

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As always Yongki, Thanks! You are the best! I seriously despair when thinking of yet another learning curve. Looks like a good lead!

Glad if it helps.

But not all my replies are suitable, so I will be careful to type my solution. :grinning:

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