Randomizer breaking words


Is there a way to fix this format placement within the randomizer component? It’s breaking words apart vs the word breaking to next line instead.

I would love to see a left, right, center placement added to this component as well. Along with words not breaking themselves.

You can spacebar lines in the DB as a work around. But I plan to add 30+ quotes and each phone is different anyways so idk if that work around is worth it.

I know this randomizer is a community driven tool, if anyone knows the username to the users who built it and ping them in here, that’d be cool to see if any updates are coming.

Anyone able to know how to fix this component? It’s pretty awesome component but needs a few tweaks.

I think @knight is the developer of this component.

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awesome thanks for the mention.

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nope sorry randomizer is not my component.

ah bummer. I think I found who makes it.

@amezousa are you around? Happy Holidays!

Just curious if two small requests could be made to the component:
~ word wrap
~ left, right, center alignment option

Thank you so much!

edit: doesn’t look like that username is in the forums. I found him on twitter and reached out.

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