Relationship default value at sign-up

How to assign a relationship default value when the user signs up?

Ex: USER won’t choose RISK at signup but will be automatically assigned (to the lowest one).

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In the signup forum, there is a space for “automatic fields” use those

Thank you for the answer.

However, for a multiple choice RELATION there is no chance to choose which relation.

Hi @montetennis,

There is a workaround for that. You’ll need to create a custom sign-up form. Then convert a “Sign up” button to a list of Risks, filtered by the lowest risk (so that you have just one button). Then after signup, you redirect the user to interim screen, where you assign the risk (update the user - current risk will be available). And then direct to home screen.
Please see the short video here:

P.S. you may need to make some additional conditional checks on interim screen, so that if somehow user gets there (with Back button), the risk value is not overwritten.


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