Multiple Relationship Default Value at Sing-up

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This workaround actually works but im having trouble when you have multiple values you want to set as default.

Making a list within a list doesnt seem to work.

Any ideas?

Hi Alberto,

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Then I think ( not sure if this is the best way to do this) you need a list in the blank screen and a countdown inside the list and another countdown outside the list to go to the home screen after adding.

Something like this.

Thank you

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@beto1234 do you mean that based on a condition, the default RISK value for one user could be different from another user? the only thing I can think of is having multiple variations of the signup button(list) and show only the one that matches this user if the condition that decides the correct value is not decided by the info in the signup form (info already there on screen load). I don’t think it is possible otherwise.

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Hi @beto1234,

Could you please explain what exact result would you like to achieve? Which values would you like to assign and according to what logic?


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What I try to say was that I need that at sing up for default you get in the user collection a value for “workout a” and then another one for “workout b” there are litteraly no conditions other that the fact that you are a new user (so this doesnt happen at log in).

This was almost the answer, but the only problem was that i cannot set the current workout to be the default workout b becasue in this screen the current workout is the workout a still.

I will try to run a second loading screen with no transition so the user wont notice so each screen can have a different current workout and with all that workaround get the 2 default values (one for each field in my collection)

but let me just tell the adalo employees that if you could bumb up something in your road map so this is not a real pain in our asses we would all be very grateful.

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