Relationship visualisation

How can I see the relationship between a collection and another? I mean, Sometimes I forget wich relationship I chose and then I have to erase the relationship and create another…

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usually the s (plural at the end is the tip.) E.g. Users - > orders means many to many

Users -> Order means many to one


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@Gasollino there is no single bird’s eye view to visualize the entire data model and the relationships amongst collections that I’m aware of.

For now you go into each individual collection to see the relationships listed and the icon there tells you whether it relates to one record in the other table or many:

With this information you then go to the related collection (say “Sponsors” in this example) and look at the reciprocal relationship icon there to see what the other side of it is…
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 12.51.43 PM
This tells you it’s a many-to-many relationship. Maybe there are other tricks but AFAIK that’s how you piece things together after the fact with how it currently works. I’ve made a habit of chosing more inherently descriptive names when I create relationships now so I can later remember what I was thinking.

FYI I submitted this feature request awhile back if you want to vote it up:


Ty!!! That ll do the trick for now, but when my app becomes more complex, this LL be a pain… I ll vote for it

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Man alive I could have done with this information about a month ago.
Thank you for this, it’s incredibly helpful :slight_smile:

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