Relationships - connecting lists

I’m struggling to get the option [[ “current record” > “other record from different collection” ]] when I can recreate a similar relationship elsewhere in my app.

Filter list by “Current Shop Category > Shops” — is all I’m trying to do. I’ve started both lists from scratch a couple times at this point to make sure I didn’t have any links going to other pages.

I do have a similar relationship set up: filter list by “current category > resources” and it works fine.

Do y’all have any advice? I’ve noticed a lot of things in Adalo you basically have to reset to get to work. But I’ve reset these lists several times at this point and still can’t get the relationship to show up.

I’ve been trying to accomplish the same kind of thing.

What I’ve found is that this can’t be done with two collections that have a Many to Many relationship. Which is really unfortunate.

I haven’t really found a good work around

You might be able to work around this using a custom list and grouping the components that make up a list item and then adding a visibility rule to that group so that it was
only visible if
Current Shop Category > Shops All
Current Shop