Relationships (collection to itself)

I would love a better understanding of how relationships work when it’s a Collection’s relationship to itself works. I think it’s actually something I need to understand for what I am trying to build right now! I would love to understand how it works, even if it’s not what I need for this example.

App: Project Management Software for the Construction Industry

Collection: “Contractors”

Purpose: Internal Directory / Contacts List

  1. Contractor to Referral
  2. Contractor to Subcontractor
  3. Subcontractor to Subcontractor
  4. Contractor to Subcontractor / Subcontractor to Contractor

The best way to describe the 4th scenario is this.

Contractor A is a Flooring Specialist and Contractor B specializes in Painting. Whenever Contractor A has a client that needs paint work they sell it directly to the client and Subcontract the work to Contractor B. Whenever Company B has floor work they do the same with Company A.

One of the things I want to do is make it where each Contractor has their own profile that they can share with other Contractors. This automatically updates the new Contractor’s Contractor, Subcontractor, and/or Referrals list(s) in their directory and categorizes it correctly.