Remove items from cart

I am working on an app based on the ordering template from adalo
the thing is the adalo template allows to add items to your order but you cant remove them, so I can add 3 menu items but what if I want to reduce them to 1 , I can’t seem to figure out a way to do so lika have a minus icon next to the add icon

Hi @bahaaEldin !!
Add a icon then set the action to delete.

yes delete what exactly?
there is no option to delete current order item, it shows only current order which will delete the whole order and that doesn’t work either

here is a clonable link

@bahaaEldin in the ordering template it’s there. We can delete a item from the cart

this is in a new screen but it won’t be convinient for a user to have to wait for the next screen to be able to delete items

Thanks alot I hope someone can find something