Remove shadow from app bar?

Hi. Is there any way to remove the shadow from below an app bar?

I think the only way to remove it is to make your own or put a white box ontop of the shadow.

@PaulDJ87 put a rectangle over the shadow and set the arrangement to bring to front.

Edit: Just noticed @alexid95 said the same thing.

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Hi, having the same issue here. Adding the rectangle (even by moving the app bar to the back) doesn’t work as the app bar seems to have a higher priority.
Also creating your own app bar doesn’t work because if you’re showing a list, the list has more importance than the new app bar (even if you move it to the front).

Would love to hear new workarounds as the shadow is quite annoying!

Hi @axme this shouldn’t be the case. Please select the title of the screen to go to the main properties of that screen. There you will find a list of all components within that screen. Make sure that the components are layered correctly here. You can also adjust them by clicking and dragging each component up or down in this list.


I’ve used this approach however when i first click on my Chat the messages overlap everything on the screen (see screenshot).

Only when I go to type a message does it appear to refresh and then show as expected. You can also see i have everything layered correctly with the Messages at the bottom…

Overlapping messages when i first open the chat


I’m a little worried of how unstable it appears to be and would rather just be able to switch a shadow off. Do you know if there’s an existing request for this?


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Hi @Colin,

Thanks a lot for your step-step guide. I’ve tried rearranging the layers and it seems like the app bar border and shadow still shows. Have attached a couple of screen shots for reference.

Let me know if there’s something else I can try.


Pin it to top, group it, edit selection, pin it top. Easy!