Removing Adalo Branding from PWA (Pro Plan)

Few issues:

  1. Cannot remove banner when using a custom domain
  2. SMS makes reference to adalo when sharing

Can confirm that Adalo banner does disappear when using their provided domain with pay plan.

Shouldn’t these not show on the pro plan?


This may be the solution!

Adalo Banner turned off but still there - Help - Adalo

Unfortunately, I am not dealing with a clone banner. It’s the ‘built with’ banner.

The made with adalo banner went away after about 30 minutes but the reference to adalo is still there when you share via sms.

Unfortunately I think adalo has a problem with the plans, as this topic has brought up many and many times.

Can’t Turn off Adalo Branding Banner - Help / Design - Adalo

Adalo Banner turned off but still there - Help - Adalo

As for now, I think its on adalo, I maybe wrong but you can message adalo support!

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