Restaurant Data Import

Not an Adalo question, but would like to figure this out before building a front end in Adalo. To get a head start with my app, I’d like to pre-populate it with listing data. For instance, TripAdvisor restaurant or tour company data for San Francisco. I prefer scraping TripAdvisor or Yelp instead of using Google Places API, because I’m guessing the data will be verified.

If anyone knows a good way to scrape TripAdvisor and populate a few Airtable bases with the data, would be appreciated! Ideally want to do this across multiple cities in the USA.



Trip advisor has an API Content API / Request API Access | Tripadvisor Developer Portal
Yelp does not allow access to their API to individual developers. Yelp Knowledge Local Analytics & Insights.
You could look at various tools to scrap from these sites or hire a developer to implement a tool to do it. However, their lawyers may come knocking at some point.