Retentive configuration


To increase security when purchasing products within my app, I included a checkbox for users to enter their password. In the box screen, set the conditional action: if the password entered was wrong 3 times, the application would be closed automatically.

However, now every time a user exits the app, when they come back, they have to log in again. Before including security verification, this (automatic logout) did not happen, a user could close the application and when he reopened the application he was still logged in.

I’ve already removed the security feature and the links and actions it had, but the app keeps logging out for users (although this wasn’t its initial setup).

Why does that happen? Do the applications in Adalo maintain a remnant configuration?

Due to similar situations I have restarted the creation of my application from scratch more than 3 times, the previous versions were not as advanced as the current one.
Is there any way to fix it?
Will I have to go back to work from scratch?

Please help

Another query:
Is there a way to go back to previous versions of my application?
To get the version back when things were still working.

Additional data

I have an administration application, which shares the same database. Now both are closed automatically when exiting the application, and it is necessary to log in again.

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