Round Up Function

I’m trying to figure out how to add a calculation similar to the ROUNDUP function in Excel. I see that we have ROUND, but that can go down if the number is .49 or lower. The use case is calculating the number of paint cans based on square feet. We can’t round down in this situation as then there won’t be enough paint. So if the calculation is estimating 10.2 cans of paint, we need to round it up to 11.

Hi @peterbujok ,


Have another field that is called INT cans, so when you save to the collection, this field will be saved as INT(cans).

Later you can do update action to cans as INT cans+1 if cans > INT cans

Thank you, that seems like a decent workaround, hopefully we get some more Excel style functions in the future so we can create more direct calculations.

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