🎉 Rounded Image Slider | New feature by Webnux

Introducing Rounded Image Slider | by Webnux

We’ve just launched a New component feature for your Adalo App, which is the New image slider with a modern look and rounded borders. Only In Webnux



That is sexy!

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Thank you! You can give us your suggestions for new templates & features here: Webnux - Adalo Templates

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It’s a great design, but this is the stuff that Adalo should be offering for free. It’s why I left.

Amazing!! I’ve been waiting for this feature.
Thank you so much​:heart::heart:

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Thank you @Stephanie19
We appreciate your support :heart:

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Great Job :+1::+1:

Thank you!

Amazing!!! I was waiting for this feature. Thanks @Ali-Bazzi

So many new users like your products on their first post :hugs:
That is really great to see :+1:

Here’s a comparison between the Normal Image Slider and the New Rounded Image Slider :