Run Custom Actions on Lists. "On Load" and "On Scroll"

I am building an app that allows people create create gift registries and some of the information for the items on those registries needs to update dynamically. I’ve figured out how to run custom actions (great tool), but how can I get these actions to run when a list loads so everything in it will update each time it’s viewed by the user?

Ex: The price of an item updates dynamically throughout the day and is pulled from an API call. How would I set it up so as the list of items loads the price is updated?

Hi @SumacStation ,
On Scroll does not exist yet, but “On Load” you can use the “Actions” in the page for “When a user visits the screen…”.
You can use that to when user enters the page, make an API call to add in a input field the Price to show the current price to the user.


Example, you load the screen to check if your “Food” Order Status has changed.