Scenario Where I would Want to Manually Add Data?

I’m thinking that I need to use the “Manually Add Data” Fields within one of my screens. Can someone give me an example of why you might use this functionality?

I am hoping that I can connect a screen to a collection and populate individual components without needs to pull in a list and set it to a collection.

To be honest, I don’t Kno what this manual data component is about. It does nothing when populated. Don’t know…


But your request is closed to mine : have “linear data”, so that we can use them for admin/config or check purposes.

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@ldyer Can you share more specifics on what you are trying to achieve? It sounds like a custom list may be what you need

I have an external list where I am pulling from a third-party api and populating one of my screens with several properties. The simple list is showing all data from the api call as expected on that screen.

I would like to show one of those properties on the homescreen of my app. The issue is that if i do this via a list it will show everything from the third-party collection and not just one of the items.

Does your third party API support filtering? If so, then you could have a custom list on your home screen, but filter the list so that it only show the one item you want to display there.

Yes, I should be able to add an additional external connection with just the item that I am needing.

That worked for my purpose.