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Trying to figure out a way to set screen visibility.

Show screen - Downloading and opening the app for the first time

Do not show screen - Opening app anytime after first dowload

Please note, it is a no login/signup required app.

Any help is appreciated.


Try hidden input, which default as empty, add action in visit screen to link to another welcome screen if empty, then change input value to not empty.

Thanks for your reply @Yongki , i am pretty new to adalo, could you please elaborate on trying a hidden input?

Because we don’t have it yet.

we use input component and squeeze it into very small and make the colors matched the screen, so it looks like hidden.

Then you can do data manipulation with it.

Hi @Yongki,

Are you sure that the value of hidden input will persist after closing the app? In my opinion, if user closes the app totally on his/her phone, all these values will be deleted and next time when the user opens the app he/she will see the welcome screen again.

As for me, the workaround could be to create a “pseudo-user” upon launching the app, and store the “welcome screen seen” property in Users collection. As long as there is no Logout capability, this pseudo-user should remain logged-in kind of “forever”.

Just my 2 cents


Hi @Victor ,

You are correct, input value get reset.

pseudo user is a better way, if hidden login is allowed.

Thanks for clarification. :grinning:

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