Search not working

hello everyone, i’m having issues with my search bar, it only brings out the result of the first data in the collection when i type in only the first letter of name but doesn’t show if i proceed to type the name in full. the other data in the collection don’t at all.

any particular reason why this is happing?

Can you share a video of what your seeing and how your list is set up?

Hello @Ben
This is a video link showing the issue i was having yesterday.
I solved the problem by removing the other filters I set as well. This poses a problem by limiting how users can search for data to just just the name field.

how can i make search by other fields work?

Currently when you add multiple filters, ALL the filters need to be true in order for a record to show in the list rather than ANY of the filters.

I’m sorry @Ben I’m not sure I understand. Could you be a little clear?

So in the screenshot you shared above, let’s say the user types in “Pizza” in the search, the list would only show restaurants where the Name contains Pizza, AND the Tags contains Pizza, AND the Address contains Pizza

pos work around :
create collection

  • fieldA = resto name
  • fieldB = resto menu text
  • fieldC = Copy (FieldA) : (FieldB) …with Button Save record Action.

Set Search not on FieldA or B but on field C. >> “FieldC contains…” <<
This will retreive valid results for matching criteria of FieldA or FieldB, whichever… :v:

it would be nice to have an extra “virtual” new field format : for the purpose of concatenation of existing fields “MSAccess heritage”- you just select all fields you’d want to include in this latest.
next, it is only used for search purpose, its content can’t be modified.
(Avoid the Copy FieldA / FieldB to C Step)

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Hey @bibipac, I encountered the same issue but your idea seems to be a good solution!

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you can suport its REQUEST here ! :yum:
Support the CONCATENATE feature request Link - clic here


I tried to do that but I struggle to understand how to create that :thinking: could you elaborate a bit more on that?

sure, just to mention : concatenate genuine feature does not exist (yet ?) in Adalo.

So, all happens on your form for CREATING a new restaurant.
Note : in this very example, the Restaurant NAME and the MENU CONTENT are all on the same record Line,
Restaurant A Name / Menu Text 1 / Menu Text 2.
Restaurant B Name / Menu Text 1 / Menu Text 2…

So at the time you create the new restaurant - you should enter all its menu on the same line
In this way, on clicking SUBMIT, you copy the content of Restaurant Name AND Menu text 1 AND 2…etc ALL to one single column. say its named “Concat-content”

Later you just use the column “concat-content” to run your searches…

I havent tried to set it in another way that is ; 1rst column for NAME , 2nd for Menus since you would have to repeat the same Name for each line of menu (if using only a SINGLE column for all its menus)…and that would create many copies of the Same Restaurant in the results…so not much of a choice here.
*I havent tried to see how one can COPY two properties from 2 collections into 1. maybe its possible, I do not know…definetely, more complicated I believe

Let know if you need more help :upside_down_face: :wink:

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Sounds great! Thanks a lot for explanation! :slight_smile:

has this feature issue been changed yet?