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I am trying to search users based into a list of pre determined features assigned to the users. For example, i have a feature like “Guitar”, and that means that the user is a guitar player. The much as the number of “Guitar” feature assigned to the user by others users, the better that user suposed to be as guitar player. So, i am trying to search for the high scores of “Guitar” feature in my user base. The point is that the features are predetermined in another database collection assigned to the “User” collection in a relationship.

I have already created a 2 level custom list to show all features for the users in a complete users list that has at least one feature, so that my sample universe. But i couldn’t create a filter in that result list based on a input. I have already created a new input field, but it doesn’t appear into the options list.

Many thanks for your time and hope someone could help me.

This was a bit difficult to understand from the written text.

Could you add some screenshots so I could get a more visual understanding of the problem/question?

In the first picture, you could see a list of Users (Full name and username), and in red, the endorsements given by other users. So, Raphael Perez has been endoresed for keyboard 5 times by different users. The same user could endorse another user more than one time, but the same user could not endorese himself.

This structure is represented in the database as 3 database collections. The first one is the user collection where we store user data. The second is where we store de endoresement types. And the third where we store relationship between users (endorsed and endorser) and endorsement type.

To show data as in the picture above, i have been using two custom list, one as a sub list of the other, and a count to show the amount of accumulated endorsement by endorsement type.

So, my point is: I need to create a search engine that gives me back all users that has been endorsed by “Guitar” for example, ordered by the accumulated amount of endorsement. The technical endeavour here is to make the search into a combinations of relationships, as i have created to show that list above.

I hope it clarified a bit!

Thanks for your time!

Gustavo Carvalheira

To create that search and sort it on the count you would have to store that count as a property within the collection. Otherwise you could not sort from it.

It’s quite a complex search function, perhaps you could seek advice or help from an Adalo Expert?

I managed to get the endorsement list and counter for each current use and the logged user profile, like images below:

Good evening!

I managed to solve my business requirement issue. Follow screens:

The first one is the search screen the way it shows up to the user:

Thereafter, we have the screen if the user search by user first. It only shows the user info as a result.

To show the sub list of endorsement for each user result, he has to search by any text as the endorsement he needs to search by. Like below:

I think it solve my problem at this time.

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Gustavo Carvalheira

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