Select multiple dates calendar

I’m playing around with the calendar component for my rental app. Is it possible to select multiple dates, and then do an action like calculate a price? For example in a user wants to rent a listing for 7 days. I want the user to select from and to date, and then show the total price in a textField.

Hi @Eccles ,
From top of my head, this could be done in the following way:

2 Screens:

  1. First screen you select the start date of the booking, there is then an action behind to create a record in the booking collection with this start date.
  2. Then you are redirected to another screen where there is another calendar where you pushed the current record, when selecting another date, this updates the current booking with the end date.

Not 100% if it works, I am a bit rusty, haven’t been adaloing much in the last months :slight_smile: .


Thanks. I’ll try that

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