Set the value of a field on a belongs to association when creating a new record

Is there a way to create a new record on a table with a “default” value on a field that is referencing to another table? By default I mean not having to have a select or dropdown component and have the user choose the value from a list.

For example

Table 1: Models (A Model belongs to a Brand)
name: Text
brand: Brand (I want to be able to set this value from a create action, and this is pointing to a value on the Brands table)

Table 2: Brands
name: text

Means in table 1 you want that model name will belong to table 2 i.e, brand right?

For example: Cat (belongs to brand PUMA) & in table 2 the item PUMA shows how many models PUMA brand contain.

I hope i’m right.

I figured a way to achieve this by using the technique described here: but instead of using a form and setting the field automatically, I create the record from an action.