Share Button Not working

The share button is not working in the app

Same here, I opened a ticket since it’s blocking me, I can’t do anything…

Sorry for the problem at the moment! This just happened moments ago. We’re working on a fix. Here’s a link to our status page for updates: Adalo Status


Is this affecting PWA’s as well? I’m also getting the “Not Found” error when opening a PWA on my home screen.

@Jal10c Yes, it probably will affect PWA’s.

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We can’t work on the app until this gets fixed, or I should wait?

You could work on the app it’s just that you won’t be able to preview it.

Oh okay! :slight_smile:

@B0untiful_26 @Jal10c @mariothefaithers @Mark_App_Maker

This issue has been fixed!

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Never expecting that, I think updating status page would do too lol.

It has been updated.

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