Slider Photo each product

There is no understanding of how to make a photo slider. Tell me who knows! You need to make a slider for each product.

Hi Nikolay,

I am not quite sure what you mean or what the question is here. could you provide me a bit more info on the problem so I may help further.

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Hello. I’ve already dealt with the photo slider. Waited a very long time for a response from the community. But I found it on the vastness of YouTube.

Perhaps you could post what you found out so anyone searching for this in the future will find their answer within your post? :slight_smile:

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Of Course )))

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Hi @Nikolay-Puh,

There is an “Image Carousel” component in the components marketplace, you might find it useful. Just in case, marketplace is in the “Components” section.

Also I’ve experimented with various gallery types, and shared some results with the community: Image Gallery examples (my first try :) )

Just my 2 cents )

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I know about the new carousel. I did it as on video and brought it to a new carousel. Everything is working)))

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