Slow images loading

Hello everyone. Please tell me why images in the native version of the application can load slowly? The images are uploaded via upload image, and I thought that with this method they are stored directly in the build, but now they are loaded slower than the rest of the elements in my testflight.

What do you mean by “slowly sink”?

Then you say:

I’m not sure how that is related to your first question.

Could you please paraphrase your issue? Or provide a more detailed explanation with examples.

Hi! Thank you for your answer!
The trouble is that I don’t know English well and use an online translator.
In the topic, I meant that the images in my application load very slowly, slower than the rest of the content, although as I thought, they should not be downloaded over the Internet, but stored directly in the application.

Everything is downloaded from the web.

The data is not stored locally. The data goes to Adalo and has to be collected from it.

So when it comes to images, reduce their sizes to exactly what you need. If you have an image in 1080p, you don’t need that for the app. Reduce the size to exactly what you need, which will improve the loading time and performance.

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