Social media profile

hey i am trying create a social media app but for the social profile screen I am not getting the option to file current user post , only logged in user post . can any one help me please

Everything is link but I’m still not seeing any of the user post in user profile . Or do I have to create 2 profile one for user and one for logged in user .

Hey @tommy721

I’m sorry for the really late reply. Did you set up the action that takes you to the profile screen yet? If not try that and it should let you.

Hey yes I did try this but still am not able to do it . As you can see in the photos above . I can only create an option to view all post , or logged in user post to be visible in the user profile which is not ideal . I’m trying to create a profile page for when I click on someone post it takes me to that user page and show me that user posts, any advice ??

When you hover over posts you press all

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