Sorting in a list

Hello, Guru of Adalo!
Help me solve what I think is a simple problem.
There is a team of sales people selling different products. Each transaction has a final transaction amount.
I’m creating a list of sellers with total monthly sales and I want to sort this list from maximum to minimum.
I use the ‘Sum’ function in the list. However, I can’t sort by it.
Help me please!

Hello @olegshevchenko4914

You would have to store the sum of each sellers orders in the "sellers’ table.
So each time an order is made, update the seller total value.

A bit clunky and open to errors, but that’s the way it is. A batch update process would be a good idea to rule out errors creeping into the total sum over time.

I would use Xano for these collections, there you could get quite precise with your sorting and building these reports.

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Thank you very much! As a matter of fact my platform is much more complicated. I just asked to get confirmation that I understand right the weakness of Adalo in such a mechanics. One more time - thank you.

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