Stripe charge ID - Refund

Hi everyone,

Does you guys know how to capture the charge ID with stripe component.

I need it to be able to make an api call with a refund is necessary but I cant find how.

Hey there @saralo

You can add an external collection of stripe customers and stripe charges. You have the ability to filter the customer’s list by email and then you can use the stripe customer id from the customer list to filter the charges.

I see but my question is how i find the charge ID that is given to the transaction by stripe ?

Create an admin dashboard for your app. Add a “user management” section. Add a list of users. When this list is clicked, have a page dedicated to displaying a list of all Stripe charges queried by the user’s stripe customer id.

Add a text parameter to the user collection called stripe customer id. Once the user makes a payment, use a countdown timer list of stripe customers queried by the customer’s email address. . Update the logged-in user with the customer ID that comes back from the result of the query.

Once a user makes a payment, you’ll be able to see the all of the user’s charges on that list of stripe charges. Then use that to process your refunds.

Should i create a stripe customer collection ? Should it be an external collection.
I understoo all the rest and found a topic in which tou detailed the API but still not sure about stripe customer list

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