Stripe payment for subscriptions

At the moment I have a true/false setting for ‘paid member’ so when someone activates a subscription through stripe, and payment is successful, it marks this field as ‘true’. So they have access to all content.

I can’t edit the ‘cancel membership’ button to update the user true/false setting to ‘false’ for paid member. So they get all the content because their membership is set to true from that point on.

I can’t publish to Apple because I can’t do in-app purchases as part of the app… now I can’t even use the PWA because Stripe can’t work to set up these settings to have a subscription-based app. Why do these components exist if they don’t work?!

Any suggestions or has anyone else figured out how to get this working properly?


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We have been experiencing some server issues over the course of the last few days which I feel may have interrupted certain features of Adalo and cause them not to function correctly.

These issues are now resolved and I would urge you to retest this function in Adalo to see if you still experience any issues with it.

Hi Colin,

Don’t think that was part of a downtime issue.

In the edit screen, you can only make actions based on a payment being successful in the stripe subscription component.

I need it to adjust the user true/false settings to mark it as ‘not a paid member’ when they cancel their subscription so that they still don’t have access to content. I can’t adjust the ‘stop subscription’ button to update a custom action.

Hopefully, that made sense. I attached some screenshots.

I use zapier to fix this problem. when membership is cancelled zapier will tell adalo api that it needs to change it to false. its easy and its free if you have under 100 people canceling a month!


Cool thanks! I will look into it

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