Stripe product help

Hey all, I have been manually keeping track of cost and profit, but i want to automate this. I want to use stripe as that is what I use to accept payments, but am a little confused on how to integrate this with adalo. When creating a product in stripe it gives an api ID to use for the product, how would i make this work with adalo! (not a subscription or marketplace, just choosing desired products and placing order)

Or if anyone knows a different 3rd party service to use that would be great to.

Thank you!

Hey there @dixonmatt45

You do not need to create the products in Stripe, you can create them in Adalo.

I recommend watching this video here: Ordering & Payments with Adalo - YouTube

Now if you want to use your Stripe products that you created within stripe, you can add an external collection of your products with this API: Stripe API reference – Products – curl

Here’s the documentation on external collections:

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