Struggling with alignment

Hi there. I am building my first app and I am struggling with why things dont line up

In my first screenshot is the designer and everything is set to left align and in the second you can see they are not lined up. What am I doing wrong

Hi does anybody have any info on this please?

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Hi @stuartforrest,

Layout sometimes could be a bit of a challenge. What I could advice, is to use rectangles (with transparent background and borders) to assist in layout. For example, you put content (name, companies, company list) inside one rectangle, and put another rectangle to the left to keep the empty space “filled”.
But anyway, this will require a bit of experiments to look nice.

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Thanks. Will that keep the elements aligned then?

What helps me most when designing in Adalo is grouping elements and aligning them with background elements (invisible rectangle as an example) - then the display should be correct.


Hi @stuartforrest,

It may help, but there is no guarantee. Flexible layout sometimes behave quite unexpectedly.

I just dont get this. Where can I align them. I have tried grouping elements and even adding a grey box background and grouping the element with that but still they move about when I preview. Surely this cant be right. You simply cant do a design that stays where you want it. I am familiar with responsive design in CSS but how can I get something to be lined up. Am I missing a menu somewhere?

Looking at your layout size it seems that you are trying to build a web app and not a mobile app.
For me, Adalo’s responsive engine works well for mobile layouts as long as you don’t have too many horizontal elements.

Here’s a good starting point to understand how layouts and containers work:
Tip: in Adalo use a rectangle as a ruler to set your margins…
Tip: always preview your app in PWA on your mobile (not the default web previewer)

For the time being, I think you will have a hard time achieving perfect responsiveness for web applications as the engine doesn’t behave well for larger layouts with too many elements.

To summarize: if you want to build a web app head over to Bubble or if you want to build a PWA or native mobile app you’re in good hands here :relaxed:

Thanks for the info, yes you are right thats what I am trying to do. Bubble looks great but not quite as easy to use. I had never heard of it it. Appreciate the info.

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