Sum from collection

I’m start using adalo for 3 days and i’ve got problem to make my app.

Can i make SUM / total paid from collection? or is there any possibilities ways to do it.

im tryin to make monthly payment app…with user pay monthly…

sample :
a. collection -fruit- price (the price is relationship with user)
banana 2 apple 1

b. collection -user- price (the prices is relationship with fruit)
david 2 austin 1
bryan $ 2

i want total price from every user…


Yes, You can use the custom formula function to do the mathematical operations

can you show me how to do it…
i can sum the total of fruit price…but i can’t sum / total fruit price for every name…

I think this is because each name can only have one fruit currently so there’s nothing to sum up - it’s just asking you to display a single price. To fix this you can just change the Names and Fruit relationship to many-to-many.

i’ve already done that…the problem i can’t select th fruit…
i’ve tried add in database…same problem exist…